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Saturday, November 8, 2014

JP LIME/ Skippy Blanco's & Misc

   As a DJ at WUML , i met JP Lime in 2008 when Myspace was cool. Dedicated to the hip hop art form  , this collective of artists had a down to earth vibe to them. Even though they came to my show once on WUML,  they made it a memorable appearance. Now in 2014, i was sifting through my old cob web dusty CD's i found their EP. 

JP Lime EP CD Review by Trevor Banks

1. "This Is Life"- Well, this track pretty much talks about, well, LIFE... Unlike a scripted movie , hip hop talks about real everyday events and interactions. This is one art form that scares the mainstream .It isn't the music that scares people, it is the fact that the message is real and it may hurt. Like the saying goes "Truth Hurts"

2. "Video Flow" - Very innovative, lyrically scientific, and the Commodore 64 video game sounds adds a nice touch to compliment the lyrics. 

3. "U Know Where To Find Me"-  Is a street grimey song that tells the tales of each Mc's life in a span of 3 verses.

4. " Ice Cold" - One of my favorite tracks on the CD. It samples Marvin Gaye & Scarface's "A Minute To Pray And A Second To Die" The message in this song is STEP YOUR LYRICAL GAME UP!!!!

5. "Chillax" - Light up a fat sack of doja to this one, and let your mind blow

Check out JP Lime's new track "Hope"

DA BASSMENT PT.2 Interview...

TB: When was the first time you tasted success ?
Static Major: Man Ummm.. When i first tasted success was after me being in the game for 6 or 7 years. At that point it started feeling like a job

TB: Now are you going to try and get into a competition with R. Kelly?
Static Major:   Yeah .. definitely. I feel like he really is my only competition. I'm not taking anything away from the newbies coming up, but they aren't as seasoned as i am. Most artists call me up to write or do the song for them. Myself, i'm self contained, and it don't really matter who does a track for me whether its Timbaland, Scott Storch,Jim Jonsin ,or a no name producer. At the end of the day it boils down to just doing the track.

TB: What happened with Blackground as far as Playa's second album is concerned?
Smoke E Digglera: We never did sign with Blackground. Blackground was our management. We were signed to Def Jam on our first album. We ended up getting off of Def Jam, and from there we started working on the new album with the aspirations of getting signed to another label. We felt like it wouldn't be a huge problem getting signed again. Blackground probably would of signed us as a group, but we never got around to that. I mean , we did work on an album, but Playa ended up going on the road with the Ladies Night Out Tour. After that, everyone started working on the  their solo albums. 

TB: Why was there a fallout with Da Bassment. Was it because DeVante was trying to be an artist, producer, songwriter and a CEO at the same time?
Bazaar Royale (Da Boogieman) : I really don't know, i was too young to know what was happening. To me, everything was moving along just fine as far as i could see. Didn't really know the business aspect of it. But i did have fun.

TB: Did you record any joints back then? 
Bazaar Royale ( Da Boogieman): Yeah, i had a few joints out back then. We recorded all the time. Da Bassment was our job, and we were like on some Motown shit, for real.

TB: I heard if DeVante was to walk in the building you had to have something hot cookin?
Digital Black (of Playa): Most definitely...There was always something dope going on, cuz everybody was talented. You might go in one room, Stevie J would be cookin something. Go in another room, Timbaland, Sugah, Magoo ect.. would be cookin something. Come in our room, Playa would be cookin something, Everybody was getting on each other's tracks. Missy & Timbaland were way ahead of their time. It was a great situation to be in for all of us...

Playa recorded a track called " Count On Me" feat  K-Ci of Jodeci (hopefully they could record it again and release it..

Check out Da Bassment reunion pic at the Soul Train Awards

Here is SMK from Da Bassment
You can purchase it on Amazon

Aaliyah rarities
As you can see Aaliyah was supposed to have Playa's "Gravy Train" on her album

Found this in my collection (very rare Import CD Single of Aaliyah)

Aaliyah Tribute Mix Show by Trevor Banks on Inet 6 WSTR Radio (for promotional use only):

Skippy Blanco's - Trevor Banks R&B Mix: Room 577

Trevor Banks online Trivia question winners: Phonte of Little Brother & East Coast Audio
Our question: Trivia question: What song is the most sampled in Hip Hop ?Winners will be posted in my next blog

The answer: "Amen Brother" by The Winstons

Thanks to Masta Ace, Akrobatik, U-God of the Wu Tang Clan, 9th Wonder, David Faraci, Dre of Code 3, Just Darlin, Choclair, D.A. Smart, Psycho Psyde, Baka Boyz, Illest Individuals, DJ Chubby Chub, and Hug Bizza for being good sports and playing.

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